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communication with customers
VideoForce is a service for your website, with which
you can advise customers and make video sales online
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What can our service do?

How do I install the VideoForce widget on my site?

This will take about 15 minutes. Installation takes place in 3 simple steps:
Enter your details, confirm your email, and log in to admin panel
Configure the widget display and invite employees
Insert the widget code on the site according to the instructions

Pricing plans

When paying the annual tariff, 2 months are free of charge
0$/3 days
All new users
get access to the tariff
"advanced" for 3 days
for free
10 of any widgets
10 streamers
1 hour for a call
White label
Online support
20 of any widgets
20 streamers
1 hour for a call
White label
Personal team of video chat integrators: designer, product and technical support agent
from 700$
Fully customizable integration. Additional features that ensure maximum efficiency even with high traffic and a complex sales infrastructure.

Cases of video chat integration

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Answers to frequently asked questions about VideoForce
Technical requirements
What equipment is recommended to use for video chat?
To work with video chat, a simple laptop webcam is enough, but it is better to buy a separate one with a resolution of 1080p.
Are there any technical features for working on PCs/smartphones/tablets?
On the tablet and phone, you can not change the settings in the admin panel, you can only receive incoming calls.
Are there any technical features on different operating systems? (ios/android/windows)
There are no specific features for different operating systems.
Which internet connection is recommended for clearer communication?
For the best connection, a connection speed of 100 mb/sec is recommended.
Is it possible to share files via video chat?
Our video chat is integrated with Jivo-the leader of text chats, we will probably develop our own text chat later.
Does the service work on a smartphone?
Yes. It is also possible to switch cameras from a computer to a mobile phone and vice versa.
How many sellers can I connect?
You can connect 1 seller on the "Basic" tariff, up to 10 — on the "Advanced" tariff, up to 20-on the "Professional" tariff, an unlimited number-on the "Corporate" tariff.
Operation of the service
How much does the "Corporate" tariff cost?
In the region of 50,000 rubles, it depends on the additional functions that need to be developed for you, as well as on the number of operators and widgets.
Can there be several sellers on the call at the same time?
Not yet, but this feature is under development.

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