Call Recordings

Call recording is an option that is widely used in various businesses. It is possible to save and play conversations with customers, existing or prospective. Recording of conversations is absolutely legal if both parties are informed about it. In the case of recording calls to technical support, the operator knows about the recording by default, and the client is informed by a special message.

Call Recording Possibilities

Nowadays, recording conversations is the normal process for many companies and different businesses. This option provides a lot of possibilities:

  • improving the quality of work of existing staff. Control over misappropriation of company-owned phones.
  • politeness in conversations with customers; following scripts or corporate communication norms. Recording makes it impossible to insult users, or interrupt the conversation roughly.
  • improving the communication skills of staff. Each record can be further used as a part of corporate training when analyzing cases, and the coach will give personal advice on what can be improved in the work of a particular operator.

Thousands of companies are already taking advantage of these opportunities and keep records of all calls made on corporate phone lines. This is beneficial to all participants in the business process; increases profits, improves service quality, increases customer loyalty. It also improves the reputation of the company in the market, which helps promote the brand.

Video Call Recording

Nowadays, video calls are an integral part of the workflow for many businesses. More and more meetings, conferences or interviews are taking place online. Video communication has a number of important advantages over face-to-face meetings:

  • Participants of the meeting save travel time. This can be a significant economy of company resources, especially if the interlocutors are from different cities or countries.
  • Get the best result of negotiations, like a real life meeting: thanks to the video, you can see the emotions and gestures of other participants.
  • Use presentations, blackboard, posters, catalogs and other visual aids to make your statement more cogent.

Video Call Recording is convenient and useful as well as recording of telephone conversations. Its functions and advantages in this case are completely similar to those mentioned above. Popular video messengers, for example Skype, Viber and others, have this option. But they are designed for everyday conversations, not for solving business problems. VideoForce has developed a service specifically for commercial video calls and offers implementation and support services for companies.

Video Call Recording Features by VideoForce

VideoForce service is specifically designed for business. In addition to recording video calls, it has other special features that can be used during online business meetings.

  • call efficiency analysis;
  • screen sharing function;
  • impersonal challenges;
  • website widget;
  • automatic video call recording.

VideoForce is a comprehensive solution that replaces a chatbot and a usual callback widget on a website. But its effectiveness is much higher. Here are the benefits that customers get from using VideoForce:

  • recording calls for up to 1 hour;
  • access to the record through a personal account;
  • various payment plans with different conditions;
  • providing all the documents for accepting costs for such a service;
  • availability of technical support (on separate plans, a personal manager is provided).

You can try out our service. Book a free demonstration or use a VideoForce video call to communicate with our manager. You will find all the advantages of video messaging designed especially for business.