Video chat integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides valuable information about user behavior on the website or in the application. One of the main advantages and features is the power to integrate this system with other branded solutions offered both directly by Google and other apps running on the website. Our developers have integrated Google Analytics with the VideoForce Chat – now it captures and provides all events related to the use of this widget for analysis. So you always can be sure of getting detailed statistics regarding the full usage of the application, starting from the number of calls made and ending with the amount of widget displays.

What events are being monitored?

The integrated system is configured to send all information related to the use of VideoForce for statistics gathering and further analytics. The client can track the following events:

  • Widget loadings.
  • The number of showings.
  • Displays of active invitations.
  • Showings of the "Choose an operator" button.
  • All operators are offline.
  • The call has been started (by a web site user).
  • The user declined the call.
  • The consultant declined the call.
  • The number of consultant’s replies.
  • The consultant answered the user's call.
  • Successful call statistics.
  • The consultant has ended the conversation after answering the user's call.

In case of a special request from a client, our experts will help to expand the statistics gathered by adding any additional options.

How is such integration handy for a website owner?

The most advantageous option about VideoForce is online consultations: a client communicates with a live person, can take an online tour of the showroom, examine the product in all details and get answers to all questions in real time. By default, website visitors can see consultants and choose who they want to call, but the widget can also be configured so that the call goes to the first available consultant. All calls are automatically recorded.

The VideoForce and Google Analytics integration not only allows you to define the performance of using the widget, but also provides data for evaluating many other aspects of marketing policy. What kind of information does the web site owner receive?

First of all, the site owner gets the opportunity to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of connecting the VideoForce service. Provided information helps with this effort, ranging from views statistics to the number of successful calls.

Integration also gives a power to assess viability of consultants performance, based on their personal answer and call analytics. Thus, it makes it possible to identify the most and least productive support staff members, managing their strengths and gaps.

The most important feature is that statistics are collected automatically, without involving any operators action in this process, which allows ensuring the objectivity of the resulting information.

Technical aspects of chat integration

If you use Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 enabled without Google Tag Manager on, VideoForce data will be connected automatically, no additional settings are required. But if Google Analytics 4 is used and Google Tag Manager feature is enabled, then our programmers will create all necessary tags to support integration.

Our experts help with:

  • setting up the monitoring of the analytics marked above;
  • viewing the list of events and customizing them;
  • solving many other issues related to the configuration and integration of the VideoForce widget with Google Analytics.

We would also like to note that this option is enabled for all of our customers by default and for free. If you have VideoForce enabled on the Professional tariff, you will receive reports from your personal manager every week.