Online video chat is a vital feature for a commercial web page. Coming a long way from popular messengers and social media sites, video calls established in their new, approachable format with VideoForce. No longer you have to make your potential client download an external messenger app or log in to a third-party social network service. Just setup a videochat for your website, and make the advanced communication options available in a single click.

Why does your business need video calls?

Introducing a video talk extension for a business website may seem counter-intuitive if you never had one before. After all, with a well-designed, perfectly structured site with all the information presented in a thoughtful manner, with all FAQs and contacts available on a whim, why would you need video calls? Won’t they just distract your visitors from the hotline, messengers and the obligatory built-in text chat widget?

For the matter of fact, online marketers have already completed practical studies on that matter. Real-people tests show that there is a number of things video calls do better:

  1. Connecting people. While a text chat for website is a given, many people will pick a video option over text chat because they believe this will help them to get help from an actual person quicker. There’s also the fact that video calls become more popular, and more customers demand for this method of communication, because it's more appealing to them.
  2. Delivering immediate feedback. Sometimes a difference between buy and no-buy lies in the support answer speed. Getting help immediately instead of waiting for an answer makes the customer more likely to follow up with a purchase.
  3. Dealing with hot topics and piercing questions. Non-standard situations cannot be resolved by bots, and become needlessly complicated when discussed through text messengers. A videochat for a website generates a sufficient platform to resolve negativity and complicated technical issues while keeping the client satisfied.
  4. Building trust from the ground up and maintaining brand loyalty. People love communication, and grow to dislike bots, as well as scripted phone call answers. While you can effectively use scripted dialogue in video chats as well, the lines delivered by a live person with a face that can be seen by the user come off as more reliable. The customers can keep camera off if they want to maintain their privacy – they will still receive more emotionally impactful customer service by using video chat.

As you see, video chats are the better option for whenever you need to bulk up on the emotion side of things. The accessibility of video calls gradually reflects on the trust levels towards the site, which builds up brand loyalty. Research shows that users are more likely to abruptly end a chat-bot conversation; however when they talk to a live specialist through video chat, they are more likely to listen patiently and actively engage in conversation. This factor alone provides new exciting opportunities for making contact and building bridges.

To engage in online consultations, your prospective customer won’t need to setup any downloadable applications. VideoForce will add the software to your website and customize it to match your preferences. After that, the visitors will be able to start a conversation by simply pressing a button.

Your trusted video consultant – brought to you by VideoForce!

The virtual consultant software can be implemented in any way you see as the most effective:

  • on the promotion site
  • on a landing page
  • on the main page of your online store
  • on the product card page as the extra button etc.

Video calls can have many uses in addition to traditional customer service. Use them to promote your product or demonstrate its abilities in live conversation; introduce complex technical details to your business clients and more! The options are only limited by your business needs, and it is up to you how to use them.

Activate your very own online consulting video service with VideoForce widgets – and reap benefits from the hottest business-to-client communication method!