Screen Sharing for your website

Screen sharing is a regular video chat option highly appreciated by users. The option helps to improve communication both on the operator and the user part and resolve all the issues faster.

How does the operator use screen sharing?

We'd like to remind you that video chat is initiated by a user who may be a potential or an existing client. In the first case, it will be effective to talk to a sales representative to learn about all the advantages and benefits of the product or service he is interested in, in the second - with the technical support, which will help to solve the problem.

Screen sharing (or "Co-browsing") is widely used during the implementation of software products. Here are some examples.

  • Demonstration of system and its capacities;
  • Showing the CRM database and its work in progress;
  • Indication of errors during use of certain features and their quick correction.

Screen sharing is also really helpful when the website has a huge multi-level catalog, and the user cannot find a particular good or service. In addition, cobrowsing helps to understand the specs of the goods presented on the website. This way is much more convenient for the operator compared to usual online customer consultation.

Screen share option helps the operator to solve the problem much faster than before. They can just give simple guidance to the customer, for example, "click on this button", "go to this tab" and so on.

We'd like to recall that the operator can turn screen sharing on at any time during the conversation. But there are some tips.

  1. When the screen is shared, the operator is not shown on the screen. Please make sure that they still have a connection with the customer. This can be done in several ways: warn the user that their screen will change; repeat their questions; ask if they understand the guidelines.
  2. Prepare for screen sharing in advance: open the particular tabs or web pages that should be shown to the customer. This is also important for security, since the user may see information that is not intended for him.
  3. The option is available only for PC and laptops. Unfortunately, the mobile version of our software does not support screen sharing. But there is a possibility for operators to switch devices quite quickly. So if the customer really needs to see the operator's screen, it can be done.

How does the user use screen sharing?

When a user starts a call via VideoForce, their camera is disabled by default, to protect personal information. But the user can turn it on any time they want, especially if they want to show their screen. The option is available only when the camera is active.

This feature gives the opportunity to inform the operator about errors or other problems — quickly and effectively, without wasting time. In addition, they could talk about the difficulties during the process of studying the website or choosing the goods or services. This is also easier than via voice communication.

The operator can explain to the user how to turn the screensharing mode on, and the efficiency of such conversation is certainly much higher.

It needs to be clarified one more time that this function is available only for PC and laptops, and it is impossible to conduct such a demonstration from a cell phone or tablet. The operator should warn the user in advance about this term. The user can also change the device if the laptop or computer is nearby.

VideoForce is ready to install convenient video chat for website with a simple interface for its customers. It helps to improve the conversion on the website, increase the user's interest and convert users to prospective customers.