Virtual consultant select option

Virtual consultant choosing is an important and useful option which VideoForce supports on any tariff, paid or free. This function is available by default, and in order to install it, customer needs to configure the chat, selecting the widget type "With operator selection".

What functions do operators perform?

Depending on the individual purposes for which the videochat is operated, the functions of operators can be different: they range from pre-sale online consultation to post-sale service. In the case of the VideoForce service, the main tasks of operators are related to:

  • Full product demonstration.
  • Assistance in highlighting the distinctive properties of the product.
  • Setting up personal contact with the client (which always works better when communicating live than with a faceless chatbot).
  • Active work with emerging doubts or objections of the client.

The number of possible operators depends on the VideoForce tariff that the client has chosen. The free basic tariff implies one operator. When choosing the "Advanced" tariff, the maximum number of operators is expanded to 10. Up to 20 operators can be connected on the "Professional" tariff.

What are the advantages of choosing an operator?

The high level of competition in almost all business spheres forces the owners of companies and their websites to think through every detail and look for the most advantageous option. The selection of operators is one of the options to stand out and add an additional feature to the service.

When you integrate a simple faceless chatterbot, communication between the operator and the client takes place in the form of almost anonymous correspondence, and the operator may conduct 2-3 conversations in parallel, while being distracted by coffee and some sidebar conversations. Videochat is a personal conversation when a potential client watches a real operator communicating live. This increases the overall trust of the client in the operating staff and the product, and, accordingly, the efficiency of the company as a whole.

The website visitor has the right to choose with whom to communicate. That is why it is rational to have employees of different genders and ages in the team of operators. Some clients will want to consult with a young and positive woman, while others will prefer to trust a serious man in a business suit.

If the list of products or services provided by the website is wide, then the choice of the operator depends on his/her specialization. With such a wide range of products and services offered, mostly no operator is aware of all the information in depth. Same if the company is engaged not only in sales, but also in delivery, installation, and further service and support. That’s why the client should have a choice of the operator who is as competent as possible in the issue that interests the client most.

Beyond that, if the client has already had a conversation with a certain operator and for some reason their communication had to be interrupted (for example, to clarify some details of the order), then the client can return with a repeat call to the same operator. This saves time and doesn’t waste it on re-familiarizing the operator with the client’s issue.

Technical specifics of choosing operators

The choice can be made only among the operators who are currently available – then the frame around their picture glows blue. The gray color of the frame indicates that the operator is unavailable at the moment.

Note that when the client calls, his/her microphone is turned on, but the camera is automatically turned off to protect client’s privacy. The online consultant camera is turned on by default – this helps to establish contact and demonstrate the product to a potential consumer of services.