Increases trust

Live video helps you emotionally get closer to your customers

Clients trust is important for all the companies:

  • Those that recently entered the market and those that established themselves a long time ago
  • Those that offer unique services and still struggle to deliver their new options to the client and those that sell products in highly competitive environment
  • Bigger companies and the small businessmen.

VideoForce introduces a new way to interact with the visitors of your website. Meet video widget: a visual solution that helps to engage your potential customers and build up trust levels.

To deliver a proper message, the widget demonstrates a short, appealing video: it can be an announcement on the new services, a short history of the company or something else entirely. This is an easy and accessible method to stand out among the numerous look-alike business websites and grow your customers' trust. With growing conversion it leads to the potential increases in the number of purchase orders and exponential profit growth. The mechanism that makes these positive changes possible relies deeply on the emotional impact the visuals have on the observer when they are introduced in this manner. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Choosing content for video widget

When the customer opens a site with a video widget, the widget uploads immediately alongside all the other content. It looks like a small window that is usually set up to stay in the lower right corner of the website; if that part of the site is already occupied by important information or other widgets, another position is used to match the overall design.

The video starts demonstrating immediately, with the sound initially turned off. It is up to the engaging visuals to attract the customers’ attention without causing annoyance; if the clients want to see more, they can click on the window to enlarge it (x2-3) and hear the sound that turns on automatically.

To have the visitor hooked, the video must stay short. User behavior studies show that it is highly unlikely for a visitor to stay and watch video content on a site that is new to them up to the end if that content is longer than 10-15 seconds. But what can fit in this restrictive format, you may ask? For the matter of fact, there are plenty of options:

  • Express your main competitive advantages and unique features in 2-3 sentences. It is always good when the company’s CEO or other person of authority delivers an introduction: this way the message becomes more reliable.
  • Event or service announcement. Perfect for introducing a speaker or getting the word out for that big promotional thing you’ve been planning for months.
  • Prior customers’ video-reviews. If you work with other companies, pick one of your big clients and make arrangements to create a small video in which they share their experiences on receiving your services.

To make the content more effective, we can include a straight link to the event or product page in the enlarged video window. In fact, many actions can be set up on the video click, up to putting the product right into the user’s virtual shopping cart! When done right, it not only saves up the potential customer’s time, but also helps to turn their natural curiosity into purchase.

Properly set-up video widget is the most effective call to action for a commercial website. Building up clients’ interest and transporting them to the action zone immediately is the perfect business model to increase conversion and boost up sales rates.

It is the video message that helps to create emotional connection, to make the new visitors know and trust your brand. Your website will gain a recognizable face, a personality that will guide the experiences and make sure no important features are missed by the user. If your chosen speaker succeeds in creating a powerful message that builds up trust, you will see gradual increase in loyalty towards your site, expressed in more frequent first-buys, direct call orders and returns.

Order your video widget now!

VideoForce professionals will help you to deal with all the technical aspects of adding a videowidget to your website and setting it up to match your preferences. We can use our broad experience in managing promotional projects to create engaging presentation text and pick a video for you to present yourself in the most impactful manner.