Makes the site special

Video widget is a new solution that sets you apart from the competition

How to make the site unique and stand out from the competitors? – This is one of the main tasks that the website owners set for themselves. But how to achieve this?

Most of the web sites on the Internet look featureless, as if made shaped to pattern (and sometimes it is). Paying for the development of a distinctive website is expensive and beyond the power of companies belonging to medium and small businesses. Stand out for advantages? So they are the same for most companies today: low price, high quality, and optimal payment and delivery terms. The result is an impersonal, standard, no-stand-out website from similar competitors’ Internet pages, and often also with the same products.

For a while, banners were a great solution for highlighting a site – with their help, it was possible to visually draw attention to some features. However, today this type of advertising no longer surprises anyone – Internet marketing specialists have identified the concept of "banner blindness". When visiting a website, a visitor is at a loss: why should he/she make a purchase here? Often, after some clicks, the visitor leaves in search of another platform where the service owner really used some features to stand out from the competition.

How to make a website distinctive?

VideoForce specialists help to install a special video widget on the site. The principle of its operation is simple, but it makes an incredible impact:

  1. During the loading of the website, a small window is loaded in the lower right corner, and the video begins to be shown (at first with no sound).
  2. The user clicks on the video – the window zooms, the sound turns on, and the video starts playing.
  3. A carefully worded text and a likable person taken together (this may be the director of the company, the founder or any other employee authorized to speak on behalf of the company) tells about the company, its competitive strengths, the product details, and the quality of services.
  4. All this ends with a powerful call-to-action statement on behalf of the speaker and a button, clicking on which a visitor can go to the page to purchase a product, receive a service or sign up for a webinar.

That’s all it takes – now the effect has been achieved. Personal touch creates a certain emotional connection. Just intercompare the short phrase "high quality of our product", floating somewhere around the Internet, or the same phrase said by the company director on the video. There’s no doubt that the second one arouses more interest and trust, increases visitor’s engagement, and solves the issue of website personalization.

What information can be submitted on the video widget?

By contacting VideoForce, you get the opportunity to use the services of professionals who know exactly how to stand out from similar websites, as well as solve a number of other issues:

  • Hold a video presentation of the company, new product or provided services.
  • Make a sneak peek of any event: a seminar, a webinar or a meeting (it can be a short video with a popular speaker to grab as much audience as possible).
  • Take full advantage of current promotions, discounts offered or bonus points.

VideoForce offers several tariffs with an increasing number of its features. In the free version of the videowidget, one can record just one widget – and it’s the same for all website pages. Using the "Pro" tariff, the website’s owner gets as many as three widgets, and then they can be ranged for different pages of the site. It’s a great way to get away from the featureless site and highlight it among its competitors, isn’t it? Just look at how many of them use video widgets, and be sure to become the first and use this as a competitive advantage, significantly increasing the conversion rates of your website!