Increases engagement

Attracts customers' attention to important information

Get the attention, keep visitors on your website as long as it’s possible, and increase engagement — what other goals do you set to achieve online? These goals are key components of online marketing, which can be hard to achieve if you don't have the right tools. VideoForce provides just that: a video widget that helps keep visitors on your page longer, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates.

What is engagement and how is it measured?

In SEO promotion, engagement is one of the important indicators that shows the effectiveness and success of website promotion, as it depends on different factors, such as:

  • number of conversion actions performed by users on your site (the actions that you want to achieve);
  • the time that user spends on your site;
  • browsing depth (the number of pages viewed during a single visit);
  • return percentage (how many users returned to your site after their first visit).

If you want maximum engagement, your visitors have to be interested in the website. They should instantly realize that it will provide information that's useful to them. In the past, banners were used for this purpose. But banners became so boring to users that they no longer convey information — visitors developed what is called banner blindness. This phenomenon happens when there's a banner, the information on it is presented in the right place (and maybe in great detail!), but not a single word from it is perceived or remembered.

Banner advertising has a long history, but it's not a very pleasant one. There are many negative associations with this form of advertising, including disruptions of regular program viewing and intrusiveness. The use of videowidgets is much more recent, but it's much more likely to be remembered and acted upon by viewers. After viewing a message from the director or potential speaker in a video widget, the user is more likely to explore the site, view the assortment, make other conversions on the page, fill out a feedback form, and even place an order.

What can a video widget tell?

A video widget is a great solution to quickly and effectively convey information about your business, products, and services to clients:

  • create a mini-presentation about yourself and your activities;
  • tell the audience about all the advantages of the goods and services you offer on the market;
  • announce an upcoming event - a seminar, training, master class, presentation, or other events that you are promoting today;
  • inform customers about current discounts, bonuses, promotions, new products, and other user-friendly perks.

The VideoForce Video Widget is an interactive way to engage with your audience and convey information more dynamically and efficiently. Many websites are not taking advantage of the marketing power of video, which means that by having one, your website stands out from your competitors, who may not have mastered the art of this tool yet.

How does the video widget load?

Our video-widget loads along with the website, without decreasing download speed. It looks like a small window located at the bottom right of the screen. The widget works according to the following principle: a video is played, but there is no sound while it automatically moves to the next video after clicking on it. If the user wants to hear more, he can simply click on any video, and then the broadcast will start from the very beginning with sound and increase in size several times.

VideoForce has a team of specialists who are trained to help businesses create effective video content for their websites. Our team is ready to help you figure out the best way to use video on your site (including topics you should cover and how long each video should be), record footage that is relevant to your brand, and place it in the right spots on your site so that it's accessible for viewers. Using the VideoForce video widget is an easy way to boost engagement for a website.