Increases conversion rate

Increases sales and conversions to a targeted action on the site

It is almost impossible to increase sales using a featureless interface, a stereotyped list of advantages, same-typed product descriptions, and other characteristics of a label web site. To increase the conversion rate, one needs to come up with something out-of-the-box to attract target customers, and make them satisfy their curiosity and wants. Such an option for a forward-looking website owner may be the VideoForce video widget.

How does it work?

Imagine that a user types a standard query into Google and your site shows up in the search results. The user clicks on it and when downloading, there’s a small window in the lower right corner showing the video without sound. This is the VideoForce video widget, so let's explain some important points right away:

  • Loading the VideoForce widget doesn’t slow down the speed of the web site – it loads the same way as without this tool.
  • If any important information is placed in the lower right corner of the site, then the window can be moved to any other place.

After that, the user's interest is activated: an unusual dynamic object suddenly appears in the usual image of the website. How does the user react to this?

  1. First there is a logical question "What is it?" and sometimes an unconscious, almost instantaneous mouse click on the intriguing window.
  2. After the click, the window increases by 2-3 times, the sound turns on, and the video begins.
  3. The video shouldn’t be long – only about 15-30 seconds. This is just the time for you to submit all the necessary information and at the same time not to bother the user. During these seconds, the site owner achieves the goal to increase the conversion rate, which can be expressed in boosting brand awareness, familiarization with information on the site or placing an order.

It’s a good practice if the person leading the narrative on the video will be one of the company’s responsible persons – chief officer or business manager, founder or co-founder. Then the words, for example, about a one-year warranty will be taken more seriously than a similar stock phrase in the list of the company’s advantages on the "About us" page. The web site blossoms forth, becoming customized, and an emotional connection is created. The Internet resource has a representative, which increases the user's trust.

At the end of the video, there should be a call-to-action. It’s even better to place a button directly on the video window, clicking on which a potential buyer will go exactly where it’s needed. For example, to the product catalogue, the service’s advertising page or to the online cart with the already added goods.

For what businesses is the VideoForce video widget suitable?

The videowidget is a universal Internet marketing tool, although not yet fully appreciated. Check the web sites of your main competitors – they don’t have any video widgets installed. The VideoForce is new to our market and hasn’t yet had a wide use. Therefore, you can be among the first to implement this innovation.

In fact, VideoForce’s potentials are great – it helps to increase traffic and conversion rate for the website. In addition, the video widget helps with:

  • Selling an already familiar product to the user – if told in the video what advantages the company provides.
  • Selling completely unfamiliar product – if the video indicates which user’s problem can be solved with its help.
  • Signing up for a seminar, master class or training – especially if a popular speaker presents the video.
  • Acquainting target customers with discounts, promotions, bonuses, and gifts.

One of the videowidget’s advantages lies in avoiding "banner blindness". Banners on websites no longer surprise anyone. Many people don’t notice them, even if there’s some useful information. Due to video widgets’ outstanding feature, this doesn’t happen, so it’s worth trying! The VideoForce has several tariffs, as well as a free tariff for getting acquainted with its great features.