Configuring the VideoForce widget for your Shopify Online Store

Step By Step


  1. Quick start
  2. Customize the widget design
  3. Invite employees

Quick Start

Step 1. Turn on your widget (after that it will appear in your store)

Step 2. Record a gif screen saver with your face

At this point, your widget is already installed in your store and minimal ready to go

Customize The Widget Design

Step 1. Go to the widget settings

Step 2. In the design tab, you can customize the color, theme, and type of your widget. Don't forget to save changes!

Invite Employees

Step 1. Go to the "Staff" tab and click the blue button

Step 2. Enter the names of the employees and their email addresses

Page with your employees

Step 3. Go back to your widget and go to its settings. Open "Operators" and assign the operators who will answer the calls

Make sure that all your employees have registered and installed gif screensavers

Done! Your widget is fully
configured and ready to go

Write to technical support