How to configure deal creation in amoCRM for Videoforce call event

Step by step configuration of deal creation in amoCRM for the Videoforce call event in Albato

The first thing you should do is register in the Albato service

Connecting VideoForce and amoCRM

Event: A call started

1. Go to the "Connections" section in your Albato account and set up the connection with Videoforce

Then you need to check that you have a webhook registered in the settings of Videoforce. Go to the "Videoforce" connection settings and copy the webhook URL

Then go to the "Integration" section of settings and paste a webhook URL copied from Albato. Save the changes.

2. Connect amoCRM: in section "Connections" click on the button "Add connections" and choose amoCRM.

Then grant access to amoCRM.

3. Now go to "My Connections" and click on "Create a new connection".

Configure where and at which event data will be sent: "Videoforce" at the event "Call started". Provide access to the service.

Configure where the data will be sent, and what action will be performed in amoCRM: "Videoforce", the action - "New deal. Provide access to the connected amoCRM account.

Configure the fields, which will be reflected in the deal created at the beginning of the call

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