Flexible online chat design customization

Design customization is an indispensable feature for widget control. It allows you to make many design changes entirely on your own, without having to contact the development team. VideoForce video chat can be customized by many parameters. Clients can choose what to change in it according to his or her own needs and without restrictions on the number of changes.

What UI customization can be done?

Website owner can change the following features of video chat appearance without assistance:

  • widget type;
  • exterior look;
  • color scheme (main color and color of elements both);
  • theme;
  • location on the page.

Let's talk more about the features of each setting.

Widget type

Video chat settings provide the ability to choose a manager before making a call. Your customer can see all available operators, read information about them and their availability, and make an informed decision about which operator they want to talk to. They also can leave the call impersonal.

Here you can read about all opportunities of manager selection. It is really worth knowing about all the benefits of switching the option on.

Exterior look

User Interface customization allows couple of options for exterior look. When it comes to choosing between a thumbnail and a button, the key is to think about the aesthetics of your site's design. If you have a minimalist site with few distracting details, a flashy thumbnail is not the best way to draw the viewer's attention to the chat function. It's better to choose a neat little button. But on more complex sites, the button can get lost in the clutter.

Color scheme

You can change the color of the chat widget panel to whatever you want while the widget is connected. For greater visibility, usually it is better to choose a color, contrasting to the site background.

The color of inside elements (e.g. color of text messages) is selected to match a widget panel. In this case there are only two possible options: black or white. Black lettering is intended for all light widget backgrounds (for example, yellow), while the white letters will be more visible on dark ones (for example, blue).


Two options are possible here: light theme (white color) and dark theme (gray color). You may try both options and change a theme as many times as you need to find the best suited appearance.

Location on page

The location of the widget itself is another factor to consider. On most sites, the widget is located in the lower right corner, as it is the most convenient position for right-handed customers. Also, it is an accustomed place where everybody expects to find a chat. However, if your site has some special layout with other important elements placed in the right corner, you may want to find a different location for a video chat button (or thumbnail). If necessary, you can place the button on the left side of the screen or use sidebars and pop-ups.

In the same window, you can enable the "Active invitation" function. By default, this function is not configured. If you click on the "Not configured" icon, the function will be activated. When you rearrange it to the active position, the site will automatically issue an invitation to call via video chat as soon as it loads. Please note that all cameras and microphones are always turned on at the manager’s side, but only the user’s microphone is activated at first - he can turn on the camera himself if he wants.

When you purchase an instant video chat implementation, our specialists will carry out the initial configuration of the software to make it work. However, you may independently choose the parameters that are necessary for your system to be operational, and make any video chat settings change in order to achieve the results that seem most appropriate to you.