Live sales at the website through live broadcasts

Живые продажи с помощью видео-чата и видео-виджета Живые продажи с помощью видео-чата и видео-виджета

Live sales are an effective way to increase website conversion. Let's figure out how to apply it in E-commerce.

All online shops are presented to the modern buyer as a kind of robotic system, where there is no place for personal communication or a person in general. The purchase process is thought out to the smallest detail. You ordered the goods on the site, paid with a bank card online, and took the purchase from the parcel terminal near the house.

But many entrepreneurs, especially participants in the e-commerce market, see their customers in exactly the same way. Of course, many of them study the target audience, make portraits, think over sales funnels, but this does not seem to have much effect on real sales. Why is this happening? Perhaps the portrait is too average? Have you ever wanted to really get to know your customers, to find out directly what influences their buying decision? But this is exactly what video chat systems offer!

How it works

VideoForce offers two products that will help implement live sales on any site.

Video conference

You won’t surprise anyone with video chat now. For most Internet users, it has become a familiar way of communicating in instant messengers, everyone knows how to use it. However, outside of instant messengers, its potential is completely ignored. Meanwhile, this is a great way to entice a customer to your website.

The site visitor sees the video chat as a small window in the lower left corner, where text chats and forms for collecting personal data are usually located. Most likely you see it right now on our website. When clicked, the window enlarges several times and the client can choose which of the consultants he wants to talk to if there are several operators available. Then the live broadcast starts.

As you can see, the client only needs to make one click. There is no need to install third-party programs, follow suspicious links or leave the site.

Since video chats are so common in personal communication today, people automatically perceive them as something familiar, and therefore safe. In addition, according to psychologists, recognition inspires confidence. Thus, the buyer will be more inclined to trust a living person, whose face he sees and with whom he communicates in the usual way.

In order to add video chat to your site, you do not need to hire a development team or carry out lengthy settings. We have already done all this. All you have to do is add a ready-made solution and your operator will be ready to receive the first video call in 15 minutes.

From the inside, the setup looks easy too. It is enough to register an account and connect managers who will work with clients to the chat.

We recommend recording a short intro video that will be played before the start of the broadcast to attract the attention of the buyer. You can do this directly from the admin panel.

Video Widget

A video widget is a small video clip that is loaded along with the content when a potential buyer opens the site, while it does not slow down the download. It also looks like a small window in the lower left corner. Playing the video without sound starts immediately after downloading, which attracts the attention of the buyer. When clicked, the window increases and the video is played from the beginning, but with sound. You can change the location of the widget if you want.

The content of the video can be anything from direct advertising of a product or promotion to introducing a company. A personal message from the business owner or another representative of the company, as well as a review from a celebrity client, can also work well. Real people and real stories greatly increase customer confidence.

You can add a button to the video and attach some target action to it. For example, you can offer a site visitor to follow a link to a promotion page, sign up for a webinar, or automatically add the advertised product to the cart. For the best effect, the call to action should also sound at the end of the video.

In this format, it is much easier to keep the client's attention and convey all the useful information. After all, watching a short video is much more convenient than reading a lengthy description of a product or the terms of a promotion.

Who is this made for?

It is generally accepted that Internet commerce and direct sales are incompatible in practice. With the passage of time, this statement is increasingly losing force. Video chat and video widget can be used on any site selling any consumer goods or services. Let's see where you can use them:

  • sales of electronics and household appliances - you can demonstrate the product in action, show the assembly and maintenance processes;

  • fashion sales - the buyer will be able to take a closer look at the texture of the fabric and the quality of tailoring, see the true colors in natural light, compare sizes or see how the clothes will look like in a set;

  • software development - using the screen sharing function, your managers will be able to show the product in action, explain whether it is suitable for solving client problems;

  • technical support - this function will be useful for an online consultant, because the manager himself will be able to see the difficulties that have arisen on the client side and, possibly, solve them in real time;

  • claims department – it will be easier for operators to determine the condition of a problematic product or possible causes of breakage or damage through a video link than by a verbal description or photo.

You can go on and on: furniture, home goods, custom tailoring, custom-made cakes… No matter what field you are in, video chat for business is sure to work well.

We understand that small businesses or individual entrepreneurs may not be able to afford such a solution. In this case, we suggest connecting a video widget. You can record three different videos and customize the corresponding buttons on the site.

Why it works

Selling efficiency comes down to three main questions:

  1. How to get the client interested?

  2. How to keep a client on the site?

  3. How to encourage him to buy?

Let's see how our products solve these problems.

Increasing interest

The phenomenon of “banner blindness” is known to everyone who has a website. Users no longer respond to bright pictures and calls, even if they are done in the right way and located in the right place. Video chat is a different matter, familiar, but unusual. Its presence on the site attracts attention. Especially now, when it has not yet become mainstream. You will stand out from your competitors and attract more customers. The probability that a lead will click on a window with a “human face” is much higher than on a static banner.

 There is also a psychological aspect here: from the first days of life, the human brain is tuned to recognize faces, we pay attention to them automatically, which is why so often people see facial features in inanimate objects.

Building friendships

So, the client clicked on the window. He had already taken some action and expressed a desire to get more information. Your consultant has joined the chat. What happens next depends to a large extent on the ability of your managers to help and sell. In addition, psychological factors should again be taken into account:

Shopping has become a part of the usual social interaction for modern people. We like to go shopping in a company, discuss purchases, ask each other for opinions. Video chat offers the client the same familiar positive emotions from communicating with your manager.

Personal recommendation is still perceived as something much more powerful than advertising descriptions. It is easier for us to believe a person than a text. In addition, the text still needs to be found and read, and the consultant will tell everything himself, here and now. In addition, you can ask him questions about the product, the answers to which you will not find in the list of characteristics.

Selling goods and services

After a video demonstration of the advantages of the product, it is easier to convince the buyer to make a purchase, because he saw everything with his own eyes. In addition, trust in a business “with a human face” is much higher than in faceless bots.


Moreover, having met and talked with a real live person, it is much more difficult to interrupt the conversation or refuse to buy, especially if your manager really helped in choosing a useful product.

Friendly communication with the buyer will also benefit the seller. Indeed, during the conversation, the consultant can add up his own idea of the client's needs, his financial capabilities and intention to make a purchase. Having received this information, the operator can adjust his arguments and gently steer the dialogue in the right direction. Of course, you can prepare several scripts for different types of clients.

In addition, the proactive manager can immediately show other alternative or related products that the buyer himself may not have seen or found on the site.

All conversations with the client are recorded. Thus, you get all the necessary data to analyze the sales strategy, customer behavior, employee competence. Knowing about recording video calls, managers improve the quality of service and strive to increase sales.


By integrating a video chat or video widget into your site structure, you gain an additional high-converting promotion channel that many market participants have not even heard off. In contrast to machine algorithms and bots, live communication remains one of the most successful ways to entice and retain customers. This channel increases not only the sales rate, but also the level of customer loyalty.

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of our products, you can check everything yourself. Connect to the trial period, it's free!

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