Video chat for the site is a new retail sales channel, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses because of its advantages over email, phone and messengers.

Video chat — a new way to increase website conversion. Product review.

What is video chat and why do you need it?

The latest survey by The Global consumer: Changes for good showed a dramatic increase in shoppers' transition to digital technology. People are no longer ready to return to offline shopping — after the pandemic, the in-store traffic decreased by almost 50%. Consumers want a high level of service from the comfort of their homes, and companies need to meet those needs to stay competitive.

Video chat for the site is a new retail sales channel, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses because of its advantages over email, phone and messengers.

1. Video chat makes it possible to quickly show the product online

The usual video conferencing services and messengers don't handle this very well: more than 50% of users spend about 10 minutes just to set up a connection. Videochat is more accessible for calls, as it is embedded on the site and is available for calling in one click.

2. Video chat increases customer loyalty

This is a way to make a livelier and human-like website, win over potential customers and increase conversion.

3. Video chat makes customer service work easier

Most video chats have screen sharing, video recording, and file sharing features. Instead of lengthy explanations by text or voice, you can quickly solve a problem via video.

What video chats are there on the market and what can they do?

Let's take a look at 4 services with video chat for website and compare them according to the criteria that are most important for convenient use.


Service for 1-on-1 calls with a client, with payment for each individual call.


  • Voice messaging in chat.
  • Implements cool mechanics to keep clients in the widget while operator gets in touch (this increases conversion from widget opening, to call).
  • Payment for the number of calls made, not a fixed one.


  • There is no screen sharing
  • Bambuser
  • Swedish startup. They specialize in life shopping, but also have a video chat for customer calls.


  • You can display the product card and add it to cart right during the call with the client. This has a positive effect on conversion.
  • Another offering — life shopping service. This is a big-budget solution to grow sales, which is accepted by large brands.


  • There is no text chat.
  • There is no screen sharing.


Website embedded video and text chat to increase quality of communication with customers and grow sales.


  • AmoCRM integration.
  • Ability to receive calls from a desktop (exclusive function).
  • Switching between devices during a call (a great supplement for customer support activities).
  • An additional inexpensive offering — video widget for 13$. Despite of a slightly different concept, it is also a good tool for conversion increase.
  • Lobby function: you can choose a manager to call, or set up an impersonal call.


  • Mobile app is under development.


Text chat for a website with video call functionality.


  • Ability to book a video call.
  • Advanced text chat.
  • Co-browsing.
  • Built-in capabilities to arrange quality CX for your clients.


  • Customer communication starts only from a text chat; the video call is not available initially.

Overall comparison table

The emergence of video chat applications on the web is only at the beginning, as they evolve new business solutions to many areas. But today there are already many services, among which you can choose the best solution to implement on a website.

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