Video chat on your site - is it difficult to implement?

Плюсы внедрения видеочата Плюсы внедрения видеочата

Video chat for a website is not as difficult to install as it might seem. Surely you have already noticed that online consultants have recently appeared on many commercial sites of large companies. While earlier similar services operated by mail or instant messengers, now video calls are actively taking their place. It may seem that only the megacorporations can afford innovation, and a whole team of developers has been working on it for months. This idea may be the case in some corporations, but for small and medium-sized businesses, there have long been platforms that provide integration services. Developers resolve all complex technological issues in advance and hide them behind the scenes, while the client only needs to add the widget to their website or landing page. Do you want to know how to do it? Very simple.

Who can set up a video chat, and what knowledge do they need

You don't need to have anything except for common experience with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Any PC user can embed a videochat without any special education or training requirements. Let's look at the steps you need to take for proper system integration into your site.

  1. Register on a service that provides video chat services, and create a personal account. Most people have a dozen times registration experience on other sites — in this case, registration is also not much different from the usual. You need to enter your email and username and create a password. That’s all. You have access to the admin panel.

  2.  In the admin panel, you can add and select employees who will answer customer calls, and assign them specific roles, for example, make someone an administrator. The number of employees you can add usually depends on the chosen tariff plan. Often, at the basic tariff, this is only one person, but the service fee is small or not charged.

  3.  After that, you are ready to add a widget to the site. The process of adding comes down to copying the code provided to the user and pasting it into the of your site. Integration is complete, and you can proceed to configuration.

How to set up a video chat

First, you can set up a video intro to greet the user. To do this, you need to record a short video. Recording is possible directly from the admin panel. If you approach the task creatively and interest the client, they will probably open a chat, and the rest depends only on the ability of your managers to convince and sell.

In addition, you can connect complementary functions. For example, download other pre-recorded videos. They can be an advertisement for your business or a small company video presentation. Also, add a button bound to any target action.

The call recording feature will also come in handy. You can use obtained data to evaluate demand, the performance of a particular manager, or a warranty event.

What equipment do you need

Full list of all required equipment:

  • laptop with a built-in video camera.

In the initial stage or to test the service of video calls for site, you don't need anything else, so the budget will not suffer much from the innovation. Of course, if videochat takes root and proves its benefit, it will be possible to upgrade and buy some better equipment. First, you should consider a good camera with a resolution of 1080p or more, a professional microphone, or a noise-canceling headset — you will be able to communicate with customers more comfortably. In addition, it makes sense to increase the speed of connection to at least 100 Mb/s. It removes the call interruptions, and the picture and sound do not lag behind each other.

To give more mobility to the operator, you can also use a smartphone or tablet with a camera.

Why do you need a video chat

 “Let's suppose it's not as difficult as I thought. But simple does not mean necessary. What is the benefit of this service?” you say. We will answer.

Sell here.

In the modern world, convenience and time are most valued. Offer the client a simple and quick way to communicate. After all, in order to contact a virtual consultant, they need to make just one click. No suspicious links, third-party programs, inconvenient messengers, or weeks of waiting for an email response. While the client is already on your site and observes the assortment, why do you take him away? Being distracted by updating the messenger, a person may already lose interest, and your operator will wait for an answer and not process other calls.

Sell now.

Having two minutes of live talk with a client, the consultant can get a general idea of the buyer: their wishes, financial capabilities, and mood to buy. Once you have all the information you need to make a sale, it will be much easier for your manager to push the person to buy immediately. If you understand who your buyer is and what motivates him — then you will always have everything necessary for closing deals at hand: personalized service and good recommendations based on their needs and tastes.

Don't sell a pig in a poke.

With the development of technology, 3D modeling, and photo processing, fewer people trust the advertising picture of the product. With video chat, you gain the opportunity to demonstrate the most favorable characteristics of a product in real time, show all its advantages in action, and answer customer questions.

Sell original.

Today, this is a relatively new service, poorly represented on the web. Its presence will help your website and business stand out and win the attention of potential buyers.

Sell to friends.

Live communication significantly increases customer loyalty. After all, they communicate not with a faceless robot; but with a real man who is also sincerely interested in them. Therefore, the buyer gets the impression that they know the manager personally. Would a friend make a piece of bad advice? In addition, it is inconvenient to refuse a person in the face, especially if he spent so much time and actively helped with the choice.

Sell conveniently.

Video chat integrates with other services: it is possible to exchange various file formats and share a screen image. The latter will be particularly convenient for software development companies. You can immediately demonstrate your product in action.

Sell with a guarantee.

The service guarantee, which can be provided through an online channel, has become an important element of a successful sales strategy. This is why a video chat for customers will also come in handy for Technical Support or the Claims Department. Your specialist will be able to see for himself what the user is having difficulty with, assess the severity of the breakdown, or determine the cause of damage. In some cases, it will be possible to give a buyer immediate remote assistance with your product. Customers appreciate the efficiency, as well as the absence of a need to visit the service center personally.



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