The benefits of a video widget on the website to increase conversion

Как поднять конверсию на сайте Как поднять конверсию на сайте

Improving the conversion rates using video widgets

Videowidget for a website is a solid way to increase conversion rates. The technology is fairly new, so it grabs attention as a novelty, and this effect is perfect for delivering a commercial message. With a video widget you can post a product review, introduce your current line-up, or get people to know about the brand and the professional team beside it.

Introducing a video widget to your audience helps greatly in building brand’s reputation and getting the word about your product around. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the feature and see how it works.

What is VideoForce video widget?

A video widget is a short video (up to 10-15 seconds on average) that contains a pre-recorded message. It is visible when the page is loaded, and the video starts running immediately once the widget gets on the screen; however, the video plays on mute. If the user chooses to click on the widget, the video starts from the beginning, with the sound on. VideoForce allows setting up an action button on the widget to make it even more useful.

It is recommended to keep content as short and catchy as possible. After all, video widgets are not built to hold the viewers’ attention for a long time. Their goal is to attract the initial attention and encourage the client to produce further actions, like filling in the feedback form, making a purchase, signing in for an event or starting a videochat.

Using video widgets: best options

No business is like the others. What works for one company may turn out to be completely useless to its competitors. However, there are situations when business shall without a doubt benefit from adding a video widget to the commercial website. See if your business fits into one of these categories:

  • New companies and young brands. It is crucial to stand out from the competition from the very start, or you'll find yourself far behind. A widget with a catchy message will help attract attention and demonstrate that the company is not afraid of using the latest techs.

  • Successful companies looking for ways to increase sales and attract new clients. If you have applied all the marketing tricks in the book, then it’s time to apply new techniques, even if they haven’t made it to the books yet. As statistics show, video widgets are great at getting more action on sites that are already popular and increasing conversion.

  • Brands based around exclusive products. If you have something to offer that your competitors don’t, you have to use all ways to make the customers know. A short, engaging video is just perfect for showcasing an elite product or introducing a new service.

Video widgets are also great for companies working in high competitive fields. When going against numerous similar offers, it is even more important to stand out and spread your word. VideoForce and its services will help you with that.

Choosing the right topic

To raise engagement levels, think of the main purpose of the message; what action is the end goal? Here are some of the most influential picks:

  • Company (brand) introduction, with a short story about the brand’s mission. It is recommended that the topic is presented by the Chief Executive Officer or by someone else from the upper management. Make sure that the writing is top-notch, with no boring business clichés or unnecessary long sentences. Try to keep it short and fresh. If you feel that the shorter, cleaner message is too direct, consider this: an average internet user doesn’t read the “About Us” section. Most people will be exposed to your brand's presentation for the first time. Video format creates the face-to-face effect that helps to reciprocate the message and see the brand as more humane. It is a great way to build customers’ trust and encourage them to place an order.

  • A video review. Research shows that people are affected by video reviews the most, while text reviews are deemed to lag behind. Users find it too much of a bother to read lengthy reviews all the way up to the end. On the other hand, video format is perfect for sharing product impressions or demonstrating it in its glory. People are more engaged when they see an actual person talking; even more so when the speaker is a celebrity or a representative of a big, famous corporate client. A video review is exactly what makes the customers choose you instead of your competitors.

  • A professional product overview. If you are selling something expensive (think home appliances, gym equipment, luxury products etc.), then a simple review is just not enough. A video overview partly overlaps with the product description, but shows and tells more, allowing the potential buyer to take a good look at the product’s properties. Furthermore, a virtual consultant will be able to attract attention to certain benefits of the product, helping to make a decision. These go-buy videos work the best with an action button. VideoForce allows you to choose the color of the button to match the video and set up the necessary action (go to the product page, open the order form, etc.)

  • An invitation to an event (webinar, presentation, online lecture, etc.) A short video is just enough to present the speaker, introduce the main topics and the event plan. Speaker’s charisma alone will be enough to attract more people to the event. An action button is required to make sure the viewers won’t have to take any more steps to sign up.

  • A video about current sales, promotions, special offers and bonuses. This information is not always available on the front page, so it is pretty common for users to leave the site before they get to the good parts. After learning about all the benefits and hot deals your visitors will be more likely to follow through with an order.

Advantages of VideoForce videowidget

VideoForce has refined the video widget format to its perfection. Here are the top advantages of the smart video widget:

  • No effects on the page load speed or general performance. The page loads first, and the widget boots afterwards. If the user's connection is fast enough, they simply won’t notice anything. If the internet is slow on the receiving end, the user will still be able to get to the website with no delay. The widget works the same both on desktop computers and smartphones.

  • The long-requested vertical Stories format is available. Hitting it off with social medial platforms like TikTok and Instagram, vertical format has quickly become user-favorite, especially among the younger audience. People are used to receiving information this way, so they are more likely to react positively to the commercial video. The other benefit is that it is a great solution for recording a product review or demonstrating extras.

  • The action button directs viewers right to the landing page. Or to any other page, If that’s what you want. Depending on how you handle your business, you may benefit greatly from adding a redirect to the feedback form, order placement page, subscription page, etc.

Introducing VideoForce video widget helps to influence and change user behavior. This, in turn, has a long-time positive effect on the website’s ranking in the search engine results page.

Many companies offer limited-time trial periods that give an opportunity to try the product and its main functions for free. VideoForce goes further and presents a completely free starting package that you can use for unlimited time. Just place a single widget, check the results and make an informed decision based on your own experience. The product is integrated with Google Analytics, so you will have the full access to the exact statistics on user behavior, actions, views and clicks.

Brand reputation effects

Technical benefits and short-term goals are important, but a good business strategist always keeps the long-term goal in mind. This is how video widgets affect the company’s image as a whole:

  • Brand trust grows with a steady pace. Video is just better for sharing information than text and photos. It is considered a good taste to keep your “About” page up to date. However, spice it up with a brand image video that features a strong speaker and you will be able to reach out to a much larger audience. Video introductions are vital for companies offering expert services, event organization help, B2B products etc. If your speakers are known for making a good impression, ask them to do it on camera and enjoy the benefits.

  • User engagement increases, and so does brand loyalty. If you update your videos on a regular basis and add them to different pages, your visitors will soon get used to going to your website for all the recent product updates and early reviews. It helps to increase the conversion rate and brand loyalty at the same time. Your clients will be returning just to get a glimpse of your latest content bits.

  • Sales grow as a result of conversion rates and loyalty boosts. Research shows that videowidget and video chat help to increase conversion rates and sales up to 30% (the exact numbers vary depending on the business area and sales strategy).

Face-to-face communication always brings more positive emotions than a phone conversation. People are used to follow bloggers and influencers, their opinions are generally trusted. A short video is to become a part of that discourse: it will let your client get to know your team and your leading product, as well as increase the conversion rates.

Installing the video widget

The VideoForce widget is easy to set up and launch. The installation process won’t take longer than 15 minutes.

  • Register at VideoForce. Fill in the registration form, confirm your e-mail and log in to the control panel.

  • Initial set up. Choose the visuals and colors for the widget (it is recommended to pick contrasting colors as it will help the video window to stand out more), light or dark theme. Decide on the part of the website for the message to appear. A common solution is to set video in the lower right corner, as it makes the information more noticeable, and it doesn’t conflict with the site’s info blocks. This way the majority of users (right-handed) will be able to click on the video as soon as it appears. If the typical position of the widget conflicts with the website’s design, choose any other location, for example, the bottom left corner of the page.

  • Use the instructions from the control panel to insert the widget code into the page.

One of the benefits of VideoForce widget is that you can change the design settings whenever you like, with no assistance from tech support. This way you will be able to experiment with different set-ups and change colors just when you need it, and revert to default if the new scheme doesn’t work for you.


The video widget brings a lot on board. By choosing VideoForce, get everything you could possibly need to manage the widget and analyze its effectiveness:

  • Built-in view and click analytics. Simply press a button to get the recent data compilation. Must-have for conversion rates and sales analysis.

  • Installable action button. If you don’t need it, the button won’t even show up. Otherwise, it will lead the viewers to the landing page, the order form or to any other page as you see fit.

  • Easy-to-change design (color, basic theme) and position.

  • Easy installation regardless of CMS type (Tilda, Wordpress etc.)

The widget is an effective tool that is easy to manage in real time. It is vital for increasing user engagement. All the information about the widget’s work and efficiency is available within a few clicks. You are free to experiment with design features, place different types of content and see which videos are the most popular among your audience. There’s no need to contact tech support to use the widget or change its settings, because all the primary settings are available via control panel.

Why VideoForce?

  • Test your ground with a completely free basic package that allows using all the product’s main functions and checking if it’s working for your business. Not sure this latest tech tool is what you need? Try out and see!

  • Improve customer trust with passionate, easy-to-comprehend video content. Let your clients see the actual people behind the brand and enjoy a well-earned reputation boost.

  • Get the most important information out there. Users keep ignoring your hottest deals? Don’t worry, the offer is good; people just get banner-blind. Because users see so many banners every day, they tend to skip the banners altogether, even if there’s actually valuable information to learn. A video widget, however, won’t be ignored. The format is new, and people are not tired of it yet.

  • Make your website stand out. Nowadays most industries are highly competitive. It is hard to stand out online, especially if your products are similar to what your competitors have to offer. A simple video widget can turn the situation around. It grabs attention immediately, making the user spend more time on the site and even follow with an action.

  • Improve conversion rates. A video widget creates a direct link between catching attention and making an action. Add an action button with a link to make your video message even more effective.

  • Use analysis tools to test different approaches and get even more views by adapting. You can always check the views and actions statistics, as well as see how the data changes depending on the placement of the widget and the type of video content used.

VideoForce is a comprehensive business solution for increasing the conversion rates and boosting up sales. To make your widget even more effective, you can add a video chat. It will give your clients an option to talk to your consultants in real time, providing even more opportunities for online sales.

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