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Co browsing is the technology that allows a user to browse the website simultaneously with a site operator. The virtual consultant sees the pages visited by the user in real time and provides help if needed, for example, fills the text forms or highlights the navigational button. This technology adds a whole new layer to remote service. It is mostly applied to online shopping and digital services, and can be applied to any business as long as it sports a website that would benefit from a personal guide option.

As the e-commerce and online sales industry grows, many services transfer to online. Today’s online customers are often people who are not used to the nuances of online shopping. They find it difficult to navigate shopping websites or place an order, finding the product’s description or filling in the contact forms. If these clients had to request help via the most common support channels (phone helpline, text chat), they would find the experience of getting assistance just as frustrating. The consultant would have to ask numerous questions to get to the bottom of the problem, and then navigate the customer through the solution with voice or text. It takes much more time than just showing the solution, and puts a lot of stress on the client.

Cobrowsing is a new step in the development of virtual service technology. This system effectively synchronizes user’s and operator’s actions. Then, if necessary, the operator can take the lead and perform required operations in client’s place, providing the fastest possible solution to the original help request.

What is cobrowsing?

The numerous benefits of cobrowsing attracted many companies working in the field of e-commerce and technology. While some companies only implement it as a useful feature, others take time to improve the technology and make it ready for everyone to use.

A good example is VideoForce – a web service that allows to host consulting sessions and manage online sales via a multifunctional video widget.

The main features of VideoForce are:

  • Videocall management. The widget is perfect for demonstrating the product, answering the question and launching active sales. Unlike messengers and social network websites, VideoForce doesn’t ask the user to download additional software or create an account. Your visitors are just one click away from making the video call.

  • If your client has a browser, accessing the video call function will not be a problem. Tabletop computers, smartphones, tablets: VideoForce works with everything.

  • Client-oriented interactions. To help the customers, VideoForce operators are able to use screen sharing or co-browser, taking direct control and making all the necessary actions.

Extra features

Co browsing works best when combined with other helpful tools. With VideoForce you’ll be able to:

  • record and save all calls in the administration panel for future reference;

  • synchronize the widget with Google Analytics and automatically share data for statistics compilations;

  • let the client choose between the next available manager (the fastest response) or the operator of their choice (best for second-time calls and continued solutions).

These features will help to benefit even more from co browsing by improving the company’s efficiency levels and providing better-quality service. By offering your clients more customer-friendly help services, raise popularity; by adding effective business tools, raise productivity and cut down on expenses.

Ways to use cobrowsing for business

Even though cobrowsing is relatively new, this technology quickly gains popularity in all the fields overlapping with remote service. With VideoForce, cobrowsing can be applied to many areas, including:

  • online stores;

  • sale departments;

  • call centers;

  • tech support.

Why does cobrowsing become more popular?

User experience

Cobrowsing is often used as a part of the video chat widget, becoming a handful tool in getting help fast. Naturally, users gravitate to the video communication format for the following reasons:

  • People get used to video call format faster than to chats or lengthy e-mails. It is important for users to ask their questions in live communication, and immediately get back visual signals approving that they are heard and understood properly.

  • A video call is not only for sharing information; it can also be used to showcase the product directly. Sometimes customers just want to get another glimpse on the product to make a decision.

  • Users notice that it takes less time to get the solution if the video chat is used. The operator understands them faster and gets more eager to answer non-standard questions. Co-browsing helps a lot with its option to let the operator act instead of explaining the actions to the user or demonstrating them on screen.

  • Users like face-to-face communication. When a client runs into a problem, direct help is not the only thing expected from the operator; the other part of the service is compassion. Just the presence of a compassionate face on the screen makes the client more eager to wait for a solution that takes a bit more time than usual. It also portraits the company as customer-friendly and overall trustworthy.

  • Users enjoy the benefits of anonymity. Only the operator’s camera needs to be on for a video call; the customer can stay anonymous.

  • Users are not afraid of being conned, because the technology is secure. If you are setting up a video chat for business, make sure that you use professional solutions: they are able to provide the exact level of security that is expected from commercial sites. For example, VideoForce allows blocking the view of certain site elements for the operator’s side. The consultant won’t be able to see bank card data or other personal information when co-browsing with a client.

  • Quick start makes it easy to jump in. The clients do not need to install any third-party software to enter the chat and get help. VideoForce widget is installed directly on the company’s website. To get in contact with an operator, the user can simply press a single button.

Professional experience

VideoForce offers different options for the online consultant installation. The widget can be installed on the promotional website, on a landing page or on the main page of the store. For the users’ convenience, it can also be tied to the product card or to the dedicated menu option.

Just like users, operators can launch video calls via a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device. The additional bonus is the opportunity to transfer calls from a smartphone to a stationary device and back without interrupting it. This way the consultant is able to:

  • showcase the data on a hard drive when prompted, and then continue with a mini tour to the production facilities;

  • get connected to another network seamlessly if needed;

  • switch between different rooms without breaking the conversation;

  • jump into an online broadcast and more.

VideoForce increases the mobility of consultants greatly, allowing them to work remotely when away from office or call center. If you need to organize remote work or connect the storage units and the sales department efficiently, VideoForce is the way to go.  

Cobrowsing increases conversion rates

Market research shows that cobrowsing alone can boost up sales greatly. Customer experience builds upon client-to-salesman interactions, and that’s exactly where video widget shows its best. In a video chat users receive information both via audio and video channels. This leads to increased perceptiveness and customer satisfaction. In addition, face-to-face communication makes the customer feel valued and more secure, feeling more trust towards the contact, all while cobrowsing technology helps to solve problems in the most efficient way possible. Companies that use cobrowising report significant revenue growth.

As of latest, VideoForce offers two distinct video widgets for business: a video chat and a pre-recorded video with a button with a programmed action of choice. It is recommended to experiment with different solutions to find out the combination that works the best for your business.

Think you have a good idea about increasing conversion rates with video chats, but struggle to find a technical solution? VideoForce works with every client personally to appeal to the needs of every business and satisfy them. The company always works on new system options for your convenience.

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